Testimonials 4UP

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Marg and Ally

Travel cover

Campervan cover

Setting out ‘into the wild’, completely on our own, Marg basically said she wasn’t getting in the van until she knew she would be rescued in the event of disaster. Matt sorted us out.



Contents cover

Income cover

I got a lot of gear for my live gigs and there’s all types of people who come out, so I needed to be sure I could replace something if it went missing at a venue.



Boat cover

Work cover

When the accident happened we still had a mortgage, so we could have lost everything I’d worked for at that point. Fortunately Matt set us up so well that I’m literally sailing instead.



Vehicle cover

Hospital cover

No one really wanted to insure me at my age.
I had a really good record though and Matt found someone who would, without being totally over-priced.