Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Do you provide advice to your customers? Professional Indemnity isn’t just for ‘traditional professions’ such as lawyers, doctors and accountants. If you provide advice, even if it’s part of another service or product you might find that you are at risk of an expensive lawsuit claiming negligence on your part. Anyone can make

Management Liability

Management Liability Management Liability insurance protects your business, its individual directors and the officers who undertake the vital management roles within it against claims that might arise, and the defence of those claims. Business today is complicated and highly regulated and from this can come any number of claims against you and your business. OH&S,

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance The risk attack from cyber criminals is as prevalent and significant as any other risk that you might think of, if not more so. Loss of data, breaches of privacy, theft of intellectual property, interruption to your digital store front to say nothing of the damage to your businesses reputation. Cyber liability

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property or ‘ISR’ (Industrial Special Risks) Insurance As is sadly the way with the insurance industry they often use language that just doesn’t make sense to the majority, non-insurance folk. ISR is cover designed to protect physical assets such as buildings, stock, machinery, plant and equipment. Every business is different and consequently every ISR

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance Business interruption insurance can help keep your business running after you have suffered a significant event such as fire. Business interruption covers cost that you would normally pay out of your cash flow revenue, that has now stopped as a result of the event. The reality is many of your expenses such

Business Pack

Business Pack Business Package insurance lets you pick and choose a number of different policy types into the one package. Targeted at small business this can be great solution with just one renewal date, less paperwork and often premium savings by purchasing all of your policies together. There can be some significant differences between each