Our Promise

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  • Our Promise

  • Our Promise

    1. The truth, always

    When you boil it down Insurance is a promise. A promise that what you expect today, will materialise when you need it.

    At Good Cover we keep our promises and our most fundamental promise is to tell the truth, always. Frank, honest advice is what we are all about.

    2. Listen

    The power of communication always lies with the listener.

    We can’t help you if we don’t listen.

    Conscious, deliberate listening is how we uncover your needs, your risks and can then give you the advice you deserve.

    3. 24/7 were here to take your call

    Your Best Cover contact is your contact.

    You talk to your trusted advisor every time.

    No getting lost in an insurers contact centre, or been one of many at some big city corporate type broker.

    We will answer the phone, come see you, work around your diary.

    Not just at time of purchase but ongoing, our role is to service your needs 24/7, 365.

    4. The right cover, the right advice

    If the right cover is the cheapest, that’s fantastic and we will sort you out !

    However, if the right cover means paying more we will always do the responsible thing and recommend it.

    Our role is as trusted advisor and we would be letting you down if we didn’t give you the best advice.

    5. On your side, always

    You are our number one priority. We represent you and will always be in your corner. We will fight for you at time of claim, at time of purchase, at renewal and all points in between.

    6. Partnership, not transaction

    We won’t just sell you something. We will conduct a through audit of your business to make sure we have all of the information and insight needed to ensure you have the right cover.

    We will make sure nothing gets overlooked, we will examine the small print because that’s what partners do.

    We look out for you.

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