Meet Matt

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Meet Matt


For 20 plus years Matt has worked in the insurance industry and over that time he has always sought to challenge himself.

From putting price on risk as an underwriter, to paying claims and managing litigation, he has had responsibility for the oversight of hundreds of millions of dollars in premium and for teams of people all over Australia whilst working for some of Australia’s largest insurers.

Over his time in the industry, he has travelled all over Australia, to London, New York and Europe to get the job done and soak up that experience and knowledge.

He has covered just about every angle and seen the best and the worst of the insurance industry.

Through all of this he has stayed true to one guiding principle. The customer is at the centre of everything.

It is this passion for the customer which lead to Matt making the decision to launch Good Cover and demonstrate to the industry, which has given him so much, that there can be a better way.