When lockdown ends, go take a holiday!

Recent Roy Morgan research has estimated as at May 2021 Australians had 175 million days of annual leave, up a staggering 23 million days from early 2020.

The reality is all lockdown and no play makes for pretty stressed out people!

Ironically accommodation businesses are doing it tough as people alternate between being locked in their houses or too scared to book a holiday.

Here is my hot tip. Byron Bay, and the surrounding hinterland is fantastic in winter. Bright sunshine, long windless days, whales jumping and all the great restaurants and cafes without the summer crowds.

I spent a wonderful sunny winters morning with one of my clients www.baskandstow.com.au on Friday just past. It was heart breaking to see such an amazing location empty (check it out, this place is awesome), we had coffee at the famous Top Shop, again basically empty. Hell, I even went for a surf at The Pass and there was hardly anyone out!

Jump online, book your trip, pack your bags and as soon as lockdown is done …… hit the road. Life is too short.

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