Truck and Truck Fleet

Truck and Truck Fleet From a single vehicle to a large fleet, we’ve got you covered. We work with the best insurers in Australia to ensure that your trucks are not just protected but when it counts your claims are paid and you’re back on the road ASAP. At Good Cover we will help you

Motor and Motor Fleet

Motor and Motor Fleet Be it one car, or a fleet of a hundred or more, ensuring your vehicles are not just protected, but that the insurer’s claim service gets you back on the road is what we do at Good Cover. At Good Cover we will help you select the right insurer for you,

Directors and Officers liability

Directors and Officers liability D&O insurance is one of the least understood types of insurance, but one of the most important given Australia is home to some of the largest D&O insurance claims in the world. D&O covers legal action taken by shareholders, creditors, government bodies and regulators against the directors and officers of your

Transit or Marine Cargo Insurance

Transit or Marine Cargo Insurance Marine or Marine Cargo doesn’t necessarily mean boats in the confusing world of insurance! Marine Cargo is insurance for the goods and products you send and receive in the course of running your business, be it by road, rail, air or sea. Ensuring you have the right type of cover

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance Farm insurance is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the rural sector. Cover for farm buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment even loss of income are just some of the ways that this type of policy will respond. No two farms are the same so having a trusted adviser to ensure that you

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance If you or your staff travel, both domestically or internationally, then Corporate Travel Insurance will cover you for eventualities such as overseas medical and evacuation costs, cancellations, lost luggage, rental car excesses and much more. Corporate Travel Insurance gives you and your employees the protection they need when they are travelling for

Builders Warranty

Builders Warranty Sometimes called Home Warranty Insurance or Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) this is a statutory product required in most states of Australia for builders carrying out domestic building contracts. In NSW it is mandatory for work over $20,000. Not having this cover in place is a breach of law and comes with all manner

Contract Works

Contract Works If you are in the business of construction, be it builders, project managers, domestic, commercial, sub-contractors, even owner builders you will need Contract Works insurance to cover you for the multitude of risk that arise from construction. At Good Cover we can help you with single project policies or annual policies and help

Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability If you have a business that interacts with the public, even in the smallest or most insignificant of ways then you need Public Liability insurance. Just as much if you have a business where you sell or supply products to a member of the public then you need the Product Liability

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Do you provide advice to your customers? Professional Indemnity isn’t just for ‘traditional professions’ such as lawyers, doctors and accountants. If you provide advice, even if it’s part of another service or product you might find that you are at risk of an expensive lawsuit claiming negligence on your part. Anyone can make