Tech & Startups

Tech and Startups Starting out, taking your dream to market, unleashing your innovation on the world is just plain awesome …. and scary. Let us help you make sure you are across all of the risks and have the right protection in place for your business. Good Cover is actively involved in the start up

Pubs and Clubs

Pubs and clubs Where everybody knows your name Pubs, Clubs and everything in between … we know them well, from both sides of the bar! What we also know to be true is that having the right insurances in place is just as important as a cold beer, a good steak and smile when you

Property Owners

Property Owners Bricks and Mortar Protecting your assets and the income they produce is what we do at Good Cover. From factories, to warehouses from retail shops to office blocks and everything in between we will work with you to understand your assets and your business. Did you know your tenants can help lower your

Not for Profits

Not for Profits Doing it for the love At Good Cover we love Not for Profits. ‘Good for the Community’ is a key pillar of our values so please click here to find out more about our pro bono work and how we live this in our business. Did you know that just because your

Craft Brewing and Distilling

Craft Brewing and Distilling Cheers At Good Cover were all in on craft brewing and distilling, it’s a genuine passion! We also know it’s not all bushy beards, whimsical marketing and elaborate tasting notes. Brewing and distilling comes with a unique set of risks, from the raw ingredients to the process, to storage and eventually

Professional Services

Professional Services In your corner Your business is applying your knowledge, skill and experience to meet your client’s needs. From consultants, to advisers, accountants, lawyers and everything in between your business is mission critical to your clients. Let Good Cover help your business ‘keep on keeping on’ no matter what the world throws at you.


Farm Growing returns At Good Cover we are passionate about farms and farmers. From livestock, poultry, cropping, horticulture, glasshouses and everything in between. Let us help you get all your ducks in a row when it comes to risk and insurance. Did you know farm insurance is about more than just buildings, equipment and fences?

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing Everybody’s got a hungry heart Feeding the masses is not an easy job! It’s a complicated business with lots of regulation and complexities that are unique to your business. At Good Cover we will work with you to understand your needs and give you advice and insurance solutions that match your business. Did


Manufacturing Quality assured Engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, repairing, maintenance together with tenacity and ingenuity is what manufacturing is in Australia. At Good Cover we take the time to understand the complexities of what you do so we can manufacture the best outcome for your business. Did you know changing a design or providing advice, even if

Construction and Trades

Construction and Trades Measure twice, cut once It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll, and it’s a long way back if your insurances aren’t in place when you need them. At Good Cover we know how demanding the construction game is, with so much at stake let us ensure