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We’ve got you covered… Stevo Farm cover Stock cover There’s so many moving parts to a farming operation. Matt took the time to actually understand what we needed. Lauren Business cover Liability cover Starting out in a new business, we needed to make sure we were properly indemnified and that our staff were also protected.

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I’ve seen inside the beast and the fact is, at most big insurers you literally are just a number – Matt Williamson – Founder

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Don’t just take our word for it… Marg and Ally Travel cover Campervan cover Setting out ‘into the wild’, completely on our own, Marg basically said she wasn’t getting in the van until she knew she would be rescued in the event of disaster. Matt sorted us out. Kev Contents cover Income cover I got

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Insurance, done right. Good Cover started with three principles and a burning desire to show how it should be done. Good for Clients Good for the Community Good for the Planet Good Cover’s number one priority is to make insurance simple and easy to understand


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