Matt Williamson

Why I love where I live

  On Friday I got a delivery, not unusual given we’re in lockdown but this was different. This was a hand-crafted bottle of first release rum from a local distiller, Winding Road Distilling Co, delivered to my door by the distiller and owner himself Mark Awad. Think about it. Just a single bottle of rum,

3rd world telecommunications in 1st world Australia!

  Having strong, stable and available internet and mobile phone connection is right up there with running water and toilets that flush! So, when the opportunity came up to talk directly to the 2021 Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee, we here at Good Cover, jumped at the opportunity. This won’t come as a surprise, but

When lockdown ends, go take a holiday!

Recent Roy Morgan research has estimated as at May 2021 Australians had 175 million days of annual leave, up a staggering 23 million days from early 2020. The reality is all lockdown and no play makes for pretty stressed out people! Ironically accommodation businesses are doing it tough as people alternate between being locked in

I love Lismore! Having a crack in the time of COVID

  I love Lismore. It is truly one of NSW’s great regional cities. There is a great feel about it that you don’t find in other parts of the Northern Rivers. It’s a city that proudly has its sleeves rolled up and is ready for an honest day’s work. The CBD is filled with businesses