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Nobody can predict the future, but we can protect it.

Insurance Made Easy

Who is Good Cover?

We’re convinced there is a better way for the insurance industry to support clients, engage with the community and make a positive change to our world in one business. Good Cover started with three principles and a burning desire to show how it should be done.

  • Good for Clients

  • Good for the Community

  • Good for the Planet

Good Cover’s number one priority is to make insurance simple and easy to understand.

To provide you with the support you deserve. Not just when you purchase the cover, but over the years as your business grows and changes. And most importantly, we’re by your side when you need to claim.

We’re your advocate, your support, your trusted adviser and your friend.


Good for Clients

Good Cover’s purpose is to make business insurance easy and effective. Ensuring you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We’re not just here for you at the beginning, but all the way through. This ensures if you need help with a claim, we’ve got you covered.

We believe in partnership, not transaction and do everything to understand your business to provide Good Cover.


Good for the Community

As a passionate member of the northern rivers, we give back through working pro-bono with not for profit organisations (NFP’s). They need protection too. And as an innovator in the insurance industry, we want to lead by example.

We donate all of the income we earn on NFP’s insurance premiums back to the organisation we’re helping.

There’s no charge for the advice or time spent by Good Cover; it’s all about the love!

Good Cover’s policy outlines how your community group can qualify; click here to see.


Good for the Planet

The consequences of climate change are real, and they are here with us now. Unfortunately, as we see the frequency and severity of weather events increase, so do the insurance premiums. The insurance industry understands this empirically through the claims they receive and the price they put on it!

At Good Cover, we see a straight line from climate change to what we do in helping you and this is how we are responding:


  1. We work with insurers who are getting it right. We actively track insurers response and actions around climate change and related issues to make informed decisions about where you spend your money. You can see our policy here.
  2. We run our business sustainably. We follow the principles laid out by the B-Corp movement and are working through the accreditation process. You can see our policy here.
  3. We are committed to the One Percent for the Planet model. We give 1% of our total revenue back by supporting accredited environment focused NFP’s.