Who is Good Cover

Convinced there was a better way to support clients, to engage with community and make a positive change to our world in one business Good Cover started with three principles and a burning desire to show how it could be done.

  • Good for clients
  • Good for the community
  • Good for the planet

Good Cover’s number one priority is to make insurance simple, clear and easy to understand for our clients. To give them the support they deserve, not just when they purchase the cover but over the years as their businesses grow and change, and importantly, to be by their side when they need to claim.
To be your advocate, your support, a trusted adviser and friend.

Good for Clients

Good Cover purpose to make business insurance easy, effective and ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Too often we see businesses paying for premiums they don’t require and/or not being covered for what you really need. We believe in partnership, not transaction and do everything to understand your business to provide really good cover.

Good for the Community

As a member of the northern rivers community and as a leader in the insurance industry, the best way for Good Cover to give back is to work with not for profit organisations to ensure they are protected. Good Cover’s policy outlines how your community group can qualify and how we will donate all of the income we earn on your insurance premiums back to you. No charge for the advice, or the time spent by Good Cover, it’s all about the love! Click here to see our policy


Good for the Planet

The consequences of climate change are real, and they are here with us now. The insurance industry knows this, measures it and puts a price on it! As we see the frequency and severity of weather events increase so to do the insurance premiums. At Good Cover we see a straight line from climate change > to what we do in helping you > and this is how we are responding:

  1. We run our business sustainably. We follow the principles laid out by the B-Corp movement and are working through the accreditation process. You can see our policy here.
  2.  We are committed to the One Percent for the Planet model, where we give 1% of our total revenue back by supporting accredited environment-focused NFPs. You can see our policy here.
  3. We give back to our local community by providing our services on a pro bono basis for qualifying community groups. You can find our policy here, together detail of all the ways we give back.

Meet Matt

For 20 plus years Matt has worked in the insurance industry and over that time he has always sought to challenge himself.

From putting price on risk as an underwriter, to paying claims and managing litigation, he has had responsibility for the oversight of hundreds of millions of dollars in premium and for teams of people all over Australia whilst working for some of Australia’s largest insurers.

Over his time in the industry, he has travelled all over Australia, to London, New York and Europe to get the job done and soak up that experience and knowledge.

He has covered just about every angle and seen the best and the worst of the insurance industry

Through all of this he has stayed true to one guiding principle. The customer is at the centre of everything.

It is this passion for the customer which lead to Matt making the decision to launch Good Cover and demonstrate to the industry, which has given him so much, that there can be a better way.

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